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Here Comes The Sun

Author: Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva (@rivefuentes)

Larry Elliot, the economics editor at The Guardian, has a rather interesting piece  on the hitherto unshakable dependence of the world economy on fossil fuels.

It’s a long read, but it’s worth the time. Elliot’s main point is this poignant question.

Can we imagine a future that is cleaner, greener and sustainable – one that avoids climate armageddon – without abandoning the idea of growth and, thus, forcing living standards into decline?

He is not overtly optimistic, but he’s got hope.

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You’ll (Very Likely) Be Surprised By This Fact

Author: Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva @rivefuentes

The Financial Times reports today (behind a paywall, sorry! But below you’ll find the relevant graph) that for the first time in 40 years, carbon dioxide emissions have remained flat in the absence of an economic crisis. In other words, the global economy is growing without producing additional carbon emissions. In yet other words, it’s the first (and arguably rather premature) sign that the global economy is decoupling from CO2 emissions.


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