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Are We Ready to Leapfrog with Renewable Energy?

Author: John Magrath, Programme Researcher, Oxfam Great Britain

In ‘Here Comes the Sun’ Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva asked, ‘could it be possible that there is already an explosion in renewable energy capacity, technology and investment underway that is not really being picked up by policy makers and media?’ He went on to argue bullishly that this is indeed the case.

The latest global assessment of trends in renewable energy investments gives further backing to the argument – and suggests that renewables are increasingly close to bursting the seams of the straitjacket of structural constraints imposed by current energy systems. In so doing, they will likely challenge the entire infrastructure of, and business models behind, the gridded power systems that so many of us have grown up with.

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Here Comes The Sun

Author: Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva (@rivefuentes)

Larry Elliot, the economics editor at The Guardian, has a rather interesting piece  on the hitherto unshakable dependence of the world economy on fossil fuels.

It’s a long read, but it’s worth the time. Elliot’s main point is this poignant question.

Can we imagine a future that is cleaner, greener and sustainable – one that avoids climate armageddon – without abandoning the idea of growth and, thus, forcing living standards into decline?

He is not overtly optimistic, but he’s got hope.

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