Oxjam is all about the volunteers that make it happen, and as a Marketing Coordinator at one of our festivals, you’ll be instrumental in making sure your festival hits its targets. You’ill be part of a core team who will deliver a multi-venue music festival in October. By doing so you will join a network of Oxjam volunteers across the UK and be responsible, collectively, for the success of Oxjam19.

Your role is to drive awareness and interest in your festival and the warm-up fundraising events, and to convert this into ticket sales and footfall. In short, your marketing strategy will help pack out your venues and ensure everyone is talking about your Oxjam for years to come. Here are the key responsibilities for a MC:

  1. Set up and manage all social media pages.
  2. Design and distribute physical festival materials e.g. posters and flyers.
  3. Contact local media, write and distribute press releases, arrange interviews, reviews and publicity.
  4. Ensure bands, venues and volunteers are promoting the event to their audiences.
  5. Devise and implement detailed ticketing strategy.
  6. Responsibly handling all volunteer and customer data in line with GDPR Regulations.
  7. Be in regular contact with your Festival Manager and core team.

Although the festival takes place in October, the work begins right now. The first task is to work alongside your Festival Manager to devise an innovative and detailed Marketing schedule. As Oxjam is a fundraising event, Managers are also encouraged to host warm up events during the Summer to raise extra cash, increase awareness of their upcoming festival, and in some instances, cover costs. You will need to work with your Festival Manager to make ensure these events are successful.

Below there is a list of locations where Festival Managers are currently searching for a Marketing Coordinator: 

please get in touch!


Festival Manager: Annie Davis

Email: Oxjamsouthampton2019@hotmail.com


Festival Manager: Becky Grinham

Email: oxjamexeter2019@gmail.com


Festival Manager: Alexandra Ferguson

Email: oxjamwindsor@gmail.com


Festival Manager:  Joe Allen

Email: enquire.oxfamleeds@gmail.com


Festival Manager: Thomas Nash

Email: oxjamsheffield@outlook.com


Festival Manager: Stephen Ferrell

Email: oxjamnewcastletakeover@gmail.com


Festival Manager: Mathilda Manley-Lewis

Email: oxjamcardiff2019@gmail.com


Festival Manager: Yvonne Gill

Email: oxjamstratford2019@gmail.com


Festival Manager: Tim Willett

Email: oxjamfestivalcambridge@gmail.com