Performers Beat Poverty

Oxjam is all about grassroots music. We love giving undiscovered gems like you a platform to shine, but won’t beat around the bush – without you Oxjam would just be empty stages and venues. By donating your time it’s you that makes Oxjam a success, and a successful Oxjam means more money to help beat poverty.

Who picks the performers?

Oxjam’s are created and curated by Festival Managers. Recruitment for 2019 Festival Managers is currently underway, but once they have been appointed, a list of locations and contact details will be put up on this page. This will allow you to get in touch with the Festival Manager in your location. It’s up to the given Festival Manager who they would like to play at their Oxjam, but we find that most are happy for the help.


Will there be an Oxjam in my area? 

As Oxjam locations have not yet been decided on, we cannot promise you will have an Oxjam near you.


How do I express an interest?

Expressing an interest is easy. Simply send an email to titled ‘PERFORMER INTEREST’ followed by your City or Town name (so if you live in Sheffield you’d put ‘PERFORMER INTEREST SHEFFIELD‘ in the subject box for instance). Please include a couple of sentences about yourself or your group, and links to any social media or performance clips that you may have. Once the Festival Managers have been selected, we’ll forward your email on.