Get networking

Whilst you shouldn’t be entirely reliant on social media, creating a Facebook event is a great way of getting your event noticed. You will be your gig’s biggest champion so share your event, get your friends interested and encourage them to invite their network too.

Remember to add Oxjam Music Festival as a co-host so we can promote your event on our social channels too. We’re aiming to create a real community of events throughout the UK, so the more gigs we know about, the more we’re able to showcase Oxjam as the UK’s largest grassroots music festival.

The more you can get friends and family to share your event the better. Reach out to your network and encourage them to spread the word. Also, it’s really worth encouraging your artists and your venue to share the event – after all they are as keen as you for your gig to be a sell-out!

Join the link Oxjam Gigs For Good Facebook Group too for extra tips and advice.

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