Take to your high street to beat poverty for good

This Summer, Oxjam will be stepping out of your favourite local music venue and taking to the streets, as hundreds of music lovers pitch up on their high street and busk for Oxjam.

Where do I come in?

So, if you want to raise money to support Oxfam’s projects around the world and help people out of poverty, then we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for musicians and music lovers to unite against poverty, and join our nationwide busk for Oxfam by performing this August. Just follow our six simple steps to organising a busk, and donate the money raised to Oxfam. By signing up you’ll be joining our nationwide network of music lovers, and taking part in Oxjam – The UK’s largest grassroots music festival.

What do I need to do?

Register now and you’ll receive our bitesize buskers guide containing everything you need to know. Follow our 6 simple steps, ending with a busk on your high street this August, and you’ll help beat poverty for good.

Register as a Busker

First things first: Register online here. This way you’ll be joining our network of nationwide buskers, and we’ll be able to send your free Oxjam guide to busking.

Contact Your Local Council

It’s important that you check what busking regulations are in place in your town/city. Most councils require all buskers to follow a code of conduct, so make sure you download it and give it a read through before pitching up. Some councils do request you obtain a busking license though (especially if you are using sound equipment), so it is worth contacting them to be sure: https://www.gov.uk/find-local-council.

Assemble your Musicians

Sort out who’s playing! This could be you (if you’re a solo artist), your band, a friend’s band or any local musicians you can rope into it! Any style suits too; Oxjam is all about local music regardless of genre.

Start Fundraising

Set up a JustGiving Page here and join our Oxjam Buskathon campaign. This way you can collect additional money if any of your friends can’t make it down but would like to donate.

Share It!

Get posing and start filming, sharing your best videos and photos using the hashtag #oxjambusk. We will then post the best on Oxjam social media so thousands of our followers can see your musical skills.

Pay in and Beat Poverty

Pay in online at https://donate.oxfam.org.uk/oxjam. Sit back and admire your fundraising/musical skills.

Oxjam Music Festival is not your average festival. We’re committed to supporting local music and fighting poverty on a global scale, and so every penny raised from your busk will help those who need it the most. We sent Graham from Crystal Fighters to Ethiopia to see the impact Oxfam has made first hand.