Last minute checklist for making your event a success

You’ve got an amazing venue, your line-up is bursting with the best local talent, tickets sales have been going really well, and the gig is fast approaching. Now what?

Week of your gig

  • Double check everything the week of your gig. It’s really not too late to fix most problems the week of a gig.
  • Re-confirm all times and requirements with your venue – follow the letter you used when booking
  • Re-confirm all the important times with artists, load time, set time, sound check etc.
  • Check you’ve got all the equipment you need
  • Ensure you’ve got all the support you need to make your gig happen. Who is running the door? Who is managing the stage?
  • Get your emergency kit together – there’s a list of items worth having at every gig – you can find this on the backstage area.
  • Make your cash handling plan – how will you get money from your venue safely? We have cash handling guidelines on the backstage area.

Day of your gig

  • Be ready – arrive early, brief any extra helpers and check everything is as you expected
  • Say hello – talk to the venue manager, meet the acts, check everything is in order and everyone is happy
  • Brand the venue – use your Oxjam materials to brand the venue
  • Shout about it – if you’ve any spare volunteers, have a roaming team encouraging people to your gig

The gig

  • You’ve done all this work pulling together an amazing gig – the most important thing is you enjoy it!
  • You can’t fix all problems, but remember the audience don’t necessarily know things aren’t going to plan. If anything goes off plan, keep calm and be solution focussed
  • Ensure everything sticks to time – the more things overrun, the shorter your headliner’s set will be
  • Check in with the sound engineer, door staff, artists, and the venue manager to make sure everything is running smoothly