Top tips on generating interest - and ticket sales

Now you’ve got a venue, artists and a Facebook page, you’ll be able to sell some advance tickets for your event. Think of advance tickets as a bonus – you’re unlikely to sell out your venue in advance, but even if you sell a few in advance you know there’s interest out there.

Devise a ticketing strategy – why would your customers buy tickets in advance? Offer early-bird prices, a pre-lineup announcement price, or whatever else might suit your event. It’s better to generate interest and sell tickets for a small amount at this early stage.

For our full ticketing guide, head to the backstage area.

There’s no point in having tickets on sale, if you don’t let people know they are for sale.

Give your gig a name

Not a huge step, but it’s always worth giving your Oxjam Gig a name. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated or elaborate – but be sure to include ‘Oxjam’

Put your event on the Oxjam map

Ensure your gig is on the Oxjam map. By logging into the backstage area, you’ll be able to create your event, which adds it to our nationwide map of Oxjam gigs.

Get networking

Word of mouth is so important, as is social media. Don’t overly rely on any one channel and you’ll be fine. Just a word of caution, don’t assume everyone ‘attending’ your event on Facebook will actually show up!

Get in the local paper

Maximise local coverage by circulating a press release to local papers, music mags, ‘what’s on’ blogs and radio station. You’re more likely to get coverage with a local angle and a great photo.

Get it branded

Oxjam has a great brand, and ensuring your gig is branded as an Oxjam event will help you benefit from our national promotion.