Your Oxjam event can be whatever you want it to be. The only rules are that it must be safe, it must be legal, and you should not bring Oxfam into disrepute. You are responsible for ensuring that any Oxjam event you organise complies with the law. Oxfam cannot and does not accept liability for events run in aid of Oxfam – and this includes any financial costs incurred in putting on your Oxjam event.

It is important to make clear to any venues or artists that you approach that Oxjam is a national festival of independent events led and run by volunteers to fundraise for Oxfam GB. As a volunteer you are not an agent of Oxfam GB and are organising your event independently of Oxfam.

Keep it legal

Two first steps:

  • Check with your local council for necessary permissions – licensing, trading standards, and health and safety issues.
  • Contact local police if you’re planning an event in a public place e.g. if your event is likely to cause traffic queues.


Any event involving the public needs Public Liability Insurance. This is bought from insurance companies. BUT it’s likely that your venue is already covered, so just check with venue owners/managers.


Most venues that put on live music regularly will have appropriate licences, e.g. to sell alcohol. Check which licences are needed at

Temporary Events Notice

We strongly recommend that you use an established live music venue. If your event is taking place somewhere that doesn’t usually put on live music, it may not have a licence, so contact your local council in advance about a Temporary Event Notice. This may also apply if you want to sell alcohol somewhere without a licence.

Raffles and lotteries

Raffles are a great way to raise cash, but have strict laws relating to them. Please ensure that you check: or for advice.

Collection boxes

All donations must be put in a sealed container. Seal with a lock, self-adhesive paper, or some other device, as long it’s easy to detect any attempt to tamper with or break the seal. Your Oxjam Regional Support Team may be able to lend you collection tins – contact them via

Mandatory text for publicity and other materials

All Oxjam fundraising/publicity materials you produce must make it clear that you are fundraising in aid of Oxfam, so please include the following text on all flyers, posters etc. “Oxjam is a volunteer-run fundraising venture of Oxfam GB (Registered charity no. England & Wales 202918, Scotland SC039042). All profits from individual Oxjam events go to Oxfam GB”.


You must be 18 to sign up as an event organiser for Oxjam. If you’re younger than 18, you’re still more than welcome to get involved, but you’ll need to get a parent, guardian or teacher to sign up for you, and they’ll need to supervise and take responsibility for the event. If you or any of your performers are under the age of 18, make sure that the venue manager is aware of this and happy for you to proceed with the event.

Keep it safe

  • Oxfam cannot accept responsibility for accidents before, during or after your event. Ask your venue about Health & Safety – they’ve probably got it all covered. If you need to find out anything yourself, see
  • If you’re going to be carrying money around, be aware of personal security. Always use a safe route and always be accompanied and/ or carry a personal alarm.
  • If using sub-contractors or facilities make sure they have the required experience and insurance cover.
  • Consider First Aid requirements – contact your local St John Ambulance branch for help and advice.
  • Consider fire safety – contact local fire station for advice.
  • Please organise recycling for your event if at all possible. Your local council can give advice and assistance.